With the aim of contributing to the development of public policies that guarantee the promotion, protection and exercise of children and adolescents rights, in order to support the construction of a rights culture, the IIN proposes to gather and share information about different designed or implemented significant practices, which they have been developed in the Inter-American System.

As a regional leader in policies for children with rights perspective, the Institute works to entrench a communication policy that allows States and organizations which work with children, the access to information, tools, studies and productions that contribute to their work.

This virtual space presents contents related to significant practices associated with ludic, recreational, artistic and/or cultural components, which have been developed by or for children and adolescents, and campaigns aimed at raising awareness, promoting and protecting the exercise of rights in the States of the Americas and the Caribbean, wishing that the validated and systematized material could be a contribution of several experiences and a motivator for new actions of protection of the exercise of children rights adapted to each situation.

Beyond the source of the information collected, the identified contents conducted by the IIN will be based on the co-responsibility concept in strengthening the Comprehensive Protection System, integrating materials of practices developed by public institutions, private enterprises or civil society organizations.